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TLex Suite 2018 v10.1.0.2011 – Dictionary Software Development

TLex Suite is an advanced software designed to help you build your dictionary, dictionary, set of vocabulary or collections in Mac . In fact, the specific features and international tools that the TLex Suite provides to its users in terms of dictionaries, glossaries or lists of terms makes it possible to reduce the time and cost of producing a dictionary and, on the other hand, quality, stability and Consistency in such products increases. This software is used as an international tool by large publishers such as the University of Oxford SA.
Direct Download TLex Suite 2018 v10.1.0.2011 - Dictionary and Dictionary Software Development
Key features of the TLex Suite software :
– Real-time output preview
– Printed, web or electronic publishing
– Suitable for single user projects or group projects
– Ability to customize
– Suitable for all languages ​​in Worldwide
– Includes tlTerm software
– Includes tlCorpus compliance software
– Advanced style styling system with “smart styles”
– Cross-reference cross-reference in the dictionary “cross-reference cross-references”
– Output for typographic software such as InDesign, Quark and XPP
– Getting out for Word
– Automatic numbering
– Automatic sorting, configurable for any language
– XML-based filters
– Filters And advanced search
– Tagging
– Error checking
– Full Unicode support
– IPA import capability (International Phonetic Alphabet) Pronunciation symbols
– Compare / merge tools for integrating work. Done
TLex Suite is an advanced application designed to enable you to create dictionaries or terminology lists. TLex Suite is a professional, fully internationalized software suite for creating dictionaries, glossaries or terminology lists, with many specialized features for reducing dictionary production time and cost, and increasing the quality and consistency of the resulting dictionary products. TLex is in use by major publishers, including Oxford University Press SA.

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