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Download Adobe Captivate 2017 v10.0.1.285 – Virtual training software

Direct Download Adobe Captivate 2017 v10.0.1.285 x86 / x64 - Virtual training software
Adobe Captivate is the industry’s best solution for building professional projects without having to write code. The combination of software demos , programming models, tests, and sophisticated scripts through interactive elements and interactive media makes this site a place for content and composition. The user interface of this software is designed to achieve the correct result in less and lesser steps. Plus, this product supports various video formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG.
Key features of Adobe Captivate software :
– Optimized user interface with faster result access
– Ability to define and apply styles to different items for fast access to desired formats
– Use of sample slides
– Effect of effects animation of a variety of professionals
– benefit from animations in Flash ® professional software Adobe
– support various video formats
– benefit from E- house advanced in the field of layouts, animations, images, text, and buttons. .
– benefit from comprehensive Help made by the company Adobe
Adobe Captivate Screenshot 1 Adobe Captivate Screenshot 2 Adobe Captivate Screenshot 3 Adobe Captivate Screenshot 4 Adobe Captivate Screenshot 5

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