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Download Packt Learning Python Web Penetration Testing

Packt Learning Python Web Penetration,One of the important issues that web site owners face is the issue of maintaining security and safe ways to keep servers, software , data and data, and the website altogether, against potential threats. So familiar with the common ways that hackers use it to access your information, as well as familiarity with their overall thinking and thinking about attacking a website, can be seen as a clever solution to the challenge. Security features to be used. Meanwhile, the awareness of principles such as the importance of filtering inputs, controlling outputs, intelligent strategies for cryptography and user authentication can be very useful for developers and website owners.
During the training the Packt Learning Python Web Penetration Testing Penetration Testing training you are familiar with Python web.
Download Packt Learning Python Web Penetration Testing - Web Penetration Testing Testing with Python
Course syllabus for training of Learning Python Web Penetration Testing Packt:
- Introduction
- interacting with Web applications
- Web is crawling with Scrapy
- Resource Discovery
- test password
- Identify and exploit the vulnerability by injecting SQL
- stop the HTTP request
With the huge increase in the number of web applications in recent times, there has also been an upsurge in the need to make these applications secure. Web penetration testing is the use of tools and code to attack a website or web app to assess its vulnerabilities to external threats. Using Python allows testers to write system-specific scripts, or modify and extend existing test tools to find, exploit and record as many security weaknesses as they are. possible.
This course will walk you through the web application penetration testing methodology, showing you how to write your own tools with Python for each major activity in the process. It will show you how to test for security vulnerabilities in web applications just like security professionals and hackers do.
The course starts off by providing an overview of the web application penetration testing process and the tools used by professionals to perform these tests. Then we provide an introduction to HTTP and how to interact with web applications using Python and the Requests library. Then follow the web application penetration testing methodology and cover each section with a supporting Python example. To finish off, we test these tools against a vulnerable web application created specifically for this course.
Stop just running automated tools-write your own and modify existing ones to cover your needs! This course will give you a flying start as a security professional by providing you with the necessary skills to write custom tools for different scenarios and modify existing Python tools to suit your application's needs.

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