Saturday, March 10, 2018

Direct Download Tekla Reinforced Concrete Extensions 2017 Build 2018/0309


Extensions are applications done using the Open API or custom components. Extensions are not a part of the Tekla Structures product release and are considered "use at your own risk". Tekla does not commit to ensuring these tools or their functionality will be continually updated, improved, or working in all versions or environments of Tekla Structures.


Manufacturer: Trimble
Size: 215 MB

 Installation Guide

1- Plugins do not need crack/license and just install them.
2- Each plug-in is located in a separate folder containing the .tsep file and the text/The photo is in.
3. The image in the folder in each of the plug-ins has been specified, which version of the Tekla Structures software is compatible with that plugin. (Although the texts in the photo are in Russian, but compatible software versions are understandable)


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