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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Download Windows 10 v1709 Redstone 3 (Updated Dec. 2017)

Windows 10 is the latest version and new generation of Windows operating system that has just released and replaced Windows 8.1. As it seems, Windows 10 with its abundant and new features can once again bring Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7 success. Extensive and many changes have been made on Windows 10 so that this version of Windows has become a new member of the Windows family. Microsoft's main goal in Windows 10 is to integrate all of the Windows operating systems, so that a single operating system is available for all devices, such as desktops , laptops, embedded systems, smartphones, and Xbox One, which are uniformly integrated with They are interconnected and can be connected to each other without the need for any other tools, and all of them can be controlled as easily and more advanced as possible.Download Windows 10 Professional / Home v1709 (Updated Dec. 2017) Redstone 3 x86 / x64 - Latest version of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 is very similar to Windows 8.1, but its performance and performance have improved, the Windows core has changed vastly, and many Windows 8 issues have been resolved; Microsoft is hoping to provide Windows 10 with the success of Windows XP and Windows 7.

- The new version titled "Windows 10 v1709 Redstone 3 (Updated Dec. 2017) " was posted on the site!
Key features of Windows 10:
- The latest generation of Windows family operating systems
- Synchronization and synchronization of all Windows 10 operating systems
- With Microsoft's new and powerful browser called Microsoft Edge
- Universal support for all Windows 10 operating systems
- Back Start Menu with new features
- DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 support
- Automatic Windows update without user intervention
Windows Media Center Removal Support
- The ability to upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 without losing the information The

new Microsoft browser, called Microsoft Edge, was now released on Windows 10, and finally, after 20 years, Microsoft retired, this version The new Microsoft Browser has come up with many improvements and is a tough rival for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox; the full support of HTML5 and the latest web technologies, smart face recognition and fingerprint support are the advanced features of this browser. Rarely seen in other browsers.

During the suggestions and requests of the MacThe company reverts the popular Start Menu to Windows 10; the new Start Menu with the same style as Windows 7 and the inspiration from the Windows 8.1 menu has now become a powerful Windows 10 control tool so that the user The middleware of this Start Menu can have complete control over its entire system and apply any settings to it.

Other unique features of this Windows are Universal applications that can be installed on all Windows 10 family operating systems, such as Windows Mobile 10 and Windows Embedded Systems 10, which are exclusively for Windows 10, easily customizable. Installs on other devices.

The graphics capabilities of Windows 10 are also much higher, DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 support bring a whole new and incredible experience to the realm.It will give us computer games , so that in the future we will see games with special effects much stronger than we saw in Windows 8.1.

How to update on Windows 10 has generally changed; from now on, all updates and updates are automatically downloaded and installed and can no longer be prevented from installing. Only Professional and Enterprise versions can download and install updates. Postponed for 4 or 8 months, depending on the update, but can not prevent it from being installed. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 updates are much larger and wider than Windows 8.1, and new updates may be available at any time. Also critical security updates are downloaded and installed automatically as soon as they are released.

The Windows Media Center program has been generally removed from Windows 10 and is no longer supported, and all services have been replaced with newer services. Extremely old drivers have also been removed from Windows 10, such as floppy disk drives and older USB drives; of course, Microsoft has announced that installing old drivers is possible manually.

But the most specific feature of Windows 10 for Persian speakers is full support for the Hebrew calendar and the Persian language; in this version of Windows, Microsoft finally supports the Hijri Shield calendar, and in this version of Windows can be installed without installing any additional programs. On the system, the calendar was completely Farsi and official, as well as other Windows calendar related applications can also work directly with the Persian calendar.
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