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Download Visual Studio Code v1.19.1 MacOSX Direct Link

Download Visual Studio Code v1.19.1 MacOSX - Advanced editing software for Mac programming languages

Visual Studio Code is a completely free software release released by Microsoft for editing various code in a very simple environment. If you are also web space developers or cloud-based applications, Microsoft will introduce the best offer for your coding to Visual Studio Code software. As you know, today's most famous IDE for coding in a variety of non-English languages ​​is Visual Studio software, but if you need more software for smaller applications, Microsoft will recommend Visual Studio Code. .
Key Features of the Visual Studio Code Software:
- Introduces a completely free environment for editing and coding in a variety of languages
- Suitable for programmers and editors
- Full support for a variety of programming languages ​​C #, VB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, JSON, Less, Sass, Markdown
-  highlights syntax languages
- ability to edit two files side by side to compare the code
- the code troubleshooting quick and easy
 Visual Studio Code Screenshot 2 Visual Studio Code Screenshot 3 Visual Studio Code Screenshot 4 Visual Studio Code Screenshot 5

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