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Download Trogon MAC Scanner v2.8.0.0 – Scan and network management software

Trogon MAC Scanner is a powerful tool for efficient network administration and network maintenance. You will always know which computers and other network devices are connected to the network, who uses them and where they are located. Trogon MAC Scanner will automatically scan your results with the database and indicate new or changed hosts and you can immediately detect illegal access to the network. You can save the scan results database to the file for future network monitoring and maintenance.

Trogon MAC Scanner scans local network and detects IP addresses and MAC addresses for each network device. Also find additional attributes: host name, workgroup, network adapter manufacturer. Scanner uses ARP protocol for scan subnet and uses multithreading for a large number of queries send out. This allows the scan network to be incredibly fast. If your computer is connected to multiple subnetworks, you can select any for scan. The utility can be easily integrated into automated network monitoring systems and implement scheduled scannings, thanks to the implementation of the command line interface.
required system
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 or Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012


Manufacturer: Trogon Software
Price: US $ 49 (for information only) File size: 2.2 MB

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