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Download Telerik Ultimate Collection For .NET 2018 R1 – Composite Components for Programming

Most professional programmers are familiar with Telerik products and use them to speed up, reduce costs, and add advanced features to their programming projects.
This set of Telerik provides components and powerful UI controls for Microsoft development platforms such as ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF and Windows Forms. In addition, it provides tools for data access layers, logging, code analysis and refinishing.

The list of Telerik Collection for .NET 2018 R1 components:
JustMock 2018_1_117_2.Dev
kendoui for jquery 2018.1.117 Commercial
Telerik ui for aspnet.core 2018.1.117 Commercial
Telerik ui for aspnetmvc 2018.1.117 Commercial
Telerik ui for jsp 2018.1.117 Commercial
Telerik ui for php 2018.1.117 Commercial TV
Reporting R1 2018_12_0_18_117.Dev
Telerik UI For ASP.NET AJAX 2018_1_117.Dev
Telerik UI For Silverlight 2018_1_116.Dev
Telerik UI For Universal Windows Platform 2018_1_0115_2.Dev
Telerik UI For WinForms 2018_1_116.Dev
Telerik UI For WPF 2018_1_116 .De Teler for
UI For Xamarin 2018_1_117_5.Dev
Telerik Web Parts For Sharepoint 2010_2018_1_117.Dev
Web Parts For Sharepoint TV 2013_2018_1_117.Dev

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