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Download Metasequoia v4.6.5 MacOSX - 3D Modeling software for Mac

The design of three-dimensional models, especially the creation of human and animal characters, requires some knowledge in this field, and most importantly, a set of tools is needed for this task. Metasequoia Pro3D is a powerful tool that you can use to design a variety of human and inhuman 3D characters. Also, people who have created three-dimensional software using different software and now need to work on them, there's no need to reinstall the software they used to work with and can only be Installing this great software will work on their models, because this software can work on different formats such as STL, PLY, FBX, COLLADA (DAE). This software has an easy and lovely interface that also provides you with a solid set of features and functionality. This software, especially thanks to its ease of use, can be a good alternative to existing software of its kind.
Download Metasequoia v4.6.5 MacOSX - 3D Modeling Software for Mac
Key features of Metasequoia software include :
- 3D
- powerful modeling functions - unique display of the created model
- Mac OS X software output as well as file import in STL, PLY, FBX, COLLADA formats (DAE)
- shadow real
- time - Ray tracing rendering
- has an easy and lovely interface
But what's the difference between Metasequoia and other 3D modeling software?
Metasequoia has a special tool for creating 3D models, especially human or animal characters. Metasequoia is suitable for professionals with specialized knowledge related to the creation of three-dimensional works and objects, which provides almost the most complete set of tools they need in a beautiful environment. For those who do not want to install a variety of different software on their system for different aspects of designing 3D models, Metasequoia is a reasonable choice. You can put a set of pre-made objects into the software environment to apply your design, and turn them into beautiful designs and creative ideas with them. Texture rendering capabilities as well as abundant personalization capabilities and the ability to troubleshoot preview displays with Direct3D and OpenGL settings and more.
Metasequoia Screenshot 1 Metasequoia Screenshot 2 Metasequoia Screenshot 3 Metasequoia Screenshot 4 Metasequoia Screenshot 5

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