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Download Abelssoft Win10 PrivacyFix v1.9 - Privacy Software for Windows 10

Microsoft Corp. has always plans to upgrade its operating systems, which is why it tries to collect information from users. Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft's suite of operating systems that, in line with its policies, tries to get some user information that is most relevant to the process and the amount of software used . Hence, some critics point out that the software is used to spy data and violate privacy. In fact, Microsoft is trying to get personal information from users in a variety of ways, but using Win10 PrivacyFixIt can be countered by this. In fact, Win10PrivacyFix optimizes browser services and services that run in the background. For example the software front activities microphone and keystrokes (programs that keystrokes by the user to determine what type of store.) Stops and you have a so you can your privacy Manage your system and keep your system in control.
Download Abelssoft Win10 PrivacyFix v1.9 - Privacy Software for Windows 10
Key Features of the Win10 PrivacyFix Software :
- Simple functionality
- No need for prior knowledge to use the software
- Manage other useful services in addition to security issues
- Taskbar optimization
- Disable search engine relics Bing
- Enable Uninstall Updates Required
- And ...
Win10 PrivacyFix Screenshot 1 Win10 PrivacyFix Screenshot 2 Win10 PrivacyFix Screenshot 3

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