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DOWNLOAD Guns of Boom Online Shooter v2.7.2 – Mobile Game MOD APK

You are one step away from action-packed combat DOWNLOAD Guns of Boom Online Shooter v2.7.2 – Mobile Game MOD APK ! Can you keep steady aim under heavy fire and gun down the enemies while the grenades are exploding all around you? Can you handle that kind of fun ?!Welcome to the game then!
This is no regular army, though. No one will tell you what to do or where to shoot. You have to make your own decisions and choose your own battles. Team up with other soldiers, get good at killing opponents and dominate the battlefield. Make a blitz attack, spraying lead in all directions, or try and shoot your opponent from a safe distance, taking your time to aim directly for the head. It’s always your call. Now these wars will not fight themselves! Get it to the armory, gear up, and start making a BOOM! On the double!
Game Features Guns of Boom – Online Shooter:
– Easy visual and touch controllers
– HD Stunning graphics with all-round gameplay
– The character selection is among the various options
– Ability to customize the main character of the game
– Variety of different weapons and strong to use
– Use of ammunition such as kits, armor, grenades, and so on
– Different places and maps of different and unique
– Graphics settings to choose from among the various options
– Excellent design with addictive gameplay and exciting sound
Note: It is an online game and requires internet to run.


Name: Guns of Boom Online Shooter
Version number: 2.7.2
Platform: Android,
Edit Platform: Android 4.0.3 or later

download links

The original game file is 59.5 MB
The original game version of the game (fixed some restrictions) – 40.2 MB

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