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Download Flaretot Pro v1.3.9 Full version

Download Flaretot Pro v1.3.9 - Gas Burner System Design Software
Download Flaretot Pro v1.3.9 - Gas Burner System Design Software,Add the phenomenon of burning gases  extraction of oil and gas, the gas burner or flare gas (gas flare) that the chimney torch (flare stack) also say they do not. This gas torch system is an extension tube that is used as one of the essential parts of oil wells, refineries, petrochemicals and chemical plants to burn gases and flammable liquids, flammable materials, etc.
Flaretot is a software tool for designing all aspects of a torch system. This software has been developed and developed by experienced engineers who have been experienced in the design, construction, and maintenance of such torches for many years. Among the main features of this program is a powerful graphical user interface for network definition Pipes by managing their plumbing class and dimensioning them to meet the standards and requirements of the project.
A key feature of the software Flaretot:
- design all aspects of a torch in software is quite graphic in
- Integrated, transparent system of burners to load different scenarios
- calculation module integrated systems for radiation and related calculations of radiation flash, atmospheric scattering , Load discharging calculations
- Valve measurement
- Valve pressure measurement (drainage)
- Calculate the temperature rise of steel structure due to radiation
- Perform calculations related to the physical properties of the elements
- Noise calculations
Flaretot Pro Screenshot 1 Flaretot Pro Screenshot 2

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