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Direct Download Slimjet v16.0.5.0 x86 / x64 - Slim Jet Browser

Download Slimjet v16.0.5.0 x86 / x64 - Slim Jet Browser application
Slimjet is a powerful browser that helps you browse the web much more easily, faster and safer than ever before, watch videos, listen to music on the internet and listen to the file. Upload / download your favorite.

It's built on the Chromium engine and features Google Chrome's browser, while in addition to its advanced Chrome features, it has more innovative features, and since, unlike the Chrome browser, it does not send any information to Google. It does not have the most advanced anti-tracking technology to thwart various attempts to attack user's privacy, in terms of security and maintains confidential information of users at a level higher than Google Chrome. 
Slimjet has given its users an opportunity to spend less time writing long url URLs and instead of writing a full address each time they visit a page, just by writing a part of the address (the word or part of the link structure) to that post Have access.
A key feature of browser Slimjet:
- filling of smart forms 
- Customizable toolbar 
- the Mac that integrate easily with the facebook 
Download videos from YouTube to MP4 and MP3 
- automatically convert downloaded video files to mp3 
- upload Load photos up to 20 times faster 
- Apply effects and frames for photos in the browser right before uploading 
- View weather and weather forecasts directly in the browser window 
- Web page translation 

 Download the 32-bit version - 43.1 MB
 download 64-bit - 48.2 MB

 version with Windows XP and Vista compatible 10.0.11 
 Download - 43.5 MB

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