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Super Mario Run v3.0.5 – MOD APK DOWNLOAD

Download Super Mario Run v3.0.5 + Mod - Super Mario Run Game
(96/7/14) Changes:
Updated to version 3.0.5
Super Mario Run is a fantastic super marvel of Super Mario Run , released by the Nintendo Co., Ltd game studio for the Android operating system. If you are a fan of the Mario series, this version of Mario’s game can keep you entertained. In this game you have no control over Mario’s motion ahead, Mario will walk forward automatically and you must jump on your mobile screen and try to jump and collect various coins on the track. Get across the obstacles in your path one after the other and earn points. In the game you will encounter a variety of enemies, destroy them and record a record.
The game consists of three main sections: World Tour, Kingdom Builder, and Toad Rally. The main part of the game, the World Tour, is where you spend most of your time, six worlds, each of which consists of four stages, in this part of the game there are. Mario’s main goal in this game, like most of the games in the series, is to save the Princess Screw from the bad guy Bauzer. The game has fantastic graphics and an entertaining cartoon that can entertain you for hours with its addictive gameplay.
Changes Version v2.0.1: 
– Various optimizations and game fixes
Super Mario Run Screenshot 1 Super Mario Run Screenshot 2 Super Mario Run Screenshot 3 Super Mario Run Screenshot 4

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