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FootRock 2 v6.0 – ANDROID GAME MOD APK

Download FootRock 2 v6.0 + Mod - Mobile Game Warfare 2

Update to version 6.0
FootRock 2 is the second version of an action and sports game developed and published by the nobodyshot gaming studio for the Android operating system. There are no rules in this game, gravity does not matter, and you have to choose one of the masks in the game and prepare yourself. Throw the ball to your opponents and shoot and shoot down a lot of zombies. Explode everything and earn points and pass the steps successfully. Destroy everything on your path and earn points. Guide your character and throw the ball, and if necessary, shoot the zombies to reach the end of the stage. The game features simple, engaging graphics , and an exciting gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours. In this game you will encounter a vast range of zombies to kill them.
Some features of the mobile game FootRock 2:
– Throw the ball towards your opponents
– Teleport or teleport anywhere
– Kill hordes of zombies
– There are a variety of masks, bombs
– Blow up everything
– Use of a variety of weapons
– Excellent graphics and exciting sound
V6.0 version changes:
– New features + Various optimizations
From the creators of the Madness ^ 3, comes the most psychedelic action first-person arcade game.
There are no rules and laws! We have abolished time, gravity and space. Challenge the ordinary reality in our crazy game!
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Name: FootRock 2
Version number: 6.0
Platform: Android,
Edit Platform: Android 4.0 or later

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