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Direct Download Underworld Stick Mafia v2.5

Underworld Stick Mafia v2.5-latest app
Underworld Stick Mafia is another name for the popular Stickman series of action-styled action games, created by the Awesome Action Games studio and released for the Android operating system. This beautiful game has also won the top score of 4.4 out of 5 in Google Play. In this beautiful game and action you will take on the role of professional snipers, your task is to destroy the mafia of the city. Your city is now under the control of dangerous mafia groups that suppressed people and injected fear into the community, and no one has the ability to deal with them. Now you have to stand as a hero of your city in front of the dreaded and dangerous city mafia and fight with them. Hide in the shadows and shoot down enemies one by one. The game has a variety of challenging missions that will keep you entertained. The game has a beautiful two-dimensional graphics with addictive gameplay, all of which add to the beauty of the game.
Mobile Game Features Underworld Stick Mafia:
– Ultra 3D graphics plus optimal quality
– Interesting and exciting scenarios for hunting your goals
– Multiple and unique missions to complete
– Beautiful and attractive environments along with low-fidelity sound of each component of the game
V2.5 version changes:
– Various optimizations and game fixes
Underworld Stick Mafia Screenshot 1 Underworld Stick Mafia Screenshot 2 Underworld Stick Mafia Screenshot 3 Underworld Stick Mafia Screenshot 4