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Download Sudden Strike 4 - Fast Strike Game 4

Download Sudden Strike 4 - Fast Strike Game 4
Sudden Strike 4 gameIn the style of strategy developed by Kite Games and released in 2017 by Kalypso Media Digital for PCs. The Sudden Strike 4, designed in the real-time strategy style, invites users to World War II this time in a strategy style, so that users can choose the British, American, German or Soviet forces, with The military equipment designed to join the warriors of the original. There are also different commanders included in the game, each with a variety of game trends and features. The game has three campaigns, each of which has at least 20 stages. Users in this game can take command of 9 commanders and 100 military units, including the Konigstiger tank and the Hawker Typhoon.
Features of the game Sudden Strike 4:
- Highly optimized gameplay of the game
- with three different campaigns
- the Mac conductivity 9 different commander
Resource Description: Zvmjy
Sudden Strike 4 Screenshot 1 Sudden Strike 4 Screenshot 2 Sudden Strike 4 Screenshot 3 Sudden Strike 4 Screenshot 4 Sudden Strike 4 Screenshot 5

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