Thursday, August 31, 2017

Download Mages of Mystralia - The Wizards of Mystery

Download Mages of Mystralia - The Wizards of Mystery
The Mages of Mystralia in the action and adventure style that was independently designed by Borealys Games and released in 2017 for PCs. Mages of Mystralia combines The Legend of Zelda with the movieHarry Potter. This is an adventure action single-player game that lets you design and use your own spells in the fantasy world. In the fantasy world of this game, it's up to you to master the skill of making spells. By solving the riddles around you, go to war with powerful enemies and explore your skills with thousands of different magic and become a wizard. The soundtrack is played by Shota Nakaama in the style of the orchestra and the symphony, played by the video game orchestra. Inevitably, it has been arranged for games like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom of Hearts 2.5 HD.
Game Features of Mages of Mystralia:
- Eye-catching graphics
- Variety and extensive play environment
- Very good music play
source Description: Zoomji
Mages of Mystralia Screenshot 1 Mages of Mystralia Screenshot 2 Mages of Mystralia Screenshot 3 Mages of Mystralia Screenshot 4 Mages of Mystralia Screenshot 5

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