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Download Darkwood - Game Darwood

Download Darkwood - Game Darwood
Play DarkwoodIn the style of action, adventure and role-playing, which was independently developed by Acid Wizard Studio, it was published in 2017 for PCs. The Darkwood game is made in the style of survival, and the player's viewing angle is up and down. In this game you have to try to use the daylight and collect everything you can. In addition to this, you will need a weapon in the game, as with the advent of the night, the head of your enemies will also be found. To survive the high-risk environment of the night, you have to find a shelter for yourself, build a trench, and lay nests for evil creatures at night. In addition, you have to try to constantly process the game automatically in the game environment to improve your level of ability, but also to survive this high-risk environment.
Features of the game Darkwood:
- the game is constantly automatically processed
- Your decisions affect other players in the game
- good variety of side missions
Resource Description: Zvmjy
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