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Download Castle Story - Castle Story Game

Download Castle Story - Castle Story Game
The Castle Story game in the style of strategy developed independently by Sauropod Studio and released in 2017 for PCs. The game is based on the quest for survival, and you can make progress with the construction and proper use of resources. There is no other limit to building structures in the game other than the resources you need, and you can use whatever you want to implement with your creativity. Thegame's graphics are based on the VASKL. A voxel can be considered as a three-dimensional one pixel. For implementation, the Unity gaming engine has also been used to ensure the quality of the game in its graphics and physics.
Game features Castle Story:
- Unity game engine use in game
- Limit for construction is not in play
- Very good gameplay
Castle Story Screenshot 1 Castle Story Screenshot 2 Castle Story Screenshot 3 Castle Story Screenshot 4 Castle Story Screenshot 5

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