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Star Chasers android game latest v1.2.1 MOD Apk Free Download

دانلود Star Chasers - بازی موبایل تعقیب گران ستاره
Star Chasers or stalkers new title name stars and super elegant style games of ultras is made by Studio Lightbound Studios and published for the Android OS. If you are a fan of endless running games with exciting and addictive gameplay, you’ll miss the beautiful game. In this game you have stars in your saved game and try to collect them. In this game you are in the role of lovable characters that have to do with jumping, running, parkour movements and obstacles on his way back Srbgzaryd one after another and earn points. Play in a variety of Mac it and done a variety of different environments. The game has graphics with great design and sound mixing fantasy and beauty is unparalleled, all of which have added to the beauty of the game and can entertain you for hours.
Features Games Mobile Star Chasers:
– Runners take part in a variety of Mac sites and different environments
– Dramatic gestures and quick maneuvers
– To challenge friends on Top Star Chaser
– A variety of different powers to obtain
– A variety of different characters and lovely!
– Hundreds of challenging and varied stage
– Sound exciting with graphics colorful HD
Star Chasers Screenshot 1 Star Chasers Screenshot 2 Star Chasers Screenshot 3 Star Chasers Screenshot 4
Become a Star Chaser and embark on an exciting adventure to rescue the stars that have fallen onto earth.Sprint, jump, vault, swing, wall-run, and perform amazing parkour moves as you attempt to collect as many stars as you can before Darkness and his minions destroy them forever!
– Throw stars at enemies to take them down!
– Ride on the very creatures that are trying to stop you!
– Battle through obstacles as big as a lightning storm!
– Perform impressive moves and quick responsive maneuvers!
– Challenge your friends for the “Top Star Chaser” title!
– Dash through beautifully crafted levels with unique objectives and fun new mechanics!
– Gain new abilities and special power-ups as your character levels up!
– Uncover cool star constellations as you progress through the game!
– Charming characters with high quality animations!
– Gorgeous environments!
– Beautifully composed and orchestrated music!
Our team is continually working to improve your experience and bring you new characters, new environments and fresh new gameplay mechanics. Stay tuned!

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