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Shadowblood v1.0.32 + Mod – Mobile Game Blood Shadow DOWNLOAD

Shadowblood is the
 name of the new, popular and exciting arcade action and role play genre developed by UTPlus Interactive Inc., a game studio released for Android.
In this game you have the right to choose your favorite character from 6 unique and attractive characters, choose your character and hero and participate in various battles and win them, in single battles with Join other members from around the world to win, set up a group with other users, and eliminate super-cheaters with the Mac . Get ready for a big battle and breath yourself and destroy your enemies one after the other, win points, win various awards, unlock different skills for your characters, and use them together with each other for example. Find the 3,000 types of armor and “stone ghosts” you use to beat the legendary monsters. The TossaTeam gains a top-of-the-line 4.5 out of 5 from Google Play and one of the best in its style.
The game has an interesting, inviting story and a vast environment in which you have to go to Arkand’s evil dragon war and save the land of Nar from his hand. The game features high-resolution graphics and HD sound with amazing sound that will surprise you.
Note: The game has a data bit of 500 MB that must be downloaded in the initial run and with the game itself.
V1.0.32 version changes:
– Added: Guild Raid
– Various optimizations and game fixes
Shadowblood Screenshot 1 Shadowblood Screenshot 2 Shadowblood Screenshot 3 Shadowblood Screenshot 4

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