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Making Autorun Autorun Pro Enterprise II + Enterprise

Autorun Pro EnterpriseAutoRun Pro Enterprise is a popular design tool for rapid creation of autorun for CDs and lectures are. This application is a simple design environment that offers you to everyone who allows a combination of text, images, video and audio CD and DVD autorun into place.
The AutoRun Pro Enterprise software capability that is designed for ordinary users, who does not want to spend time learning how to use a complicated design tool or use of a designer to work. This application allows you to design and edit a slide in PowerPoint software to do the same construction. All you have to do click, move the mouse and paste in the desired area and preview to achieve the desired results. With just a few clicks, you can create a home page, splash screen, an agreement form, a security form and an exit form as well as others to add unlimited number of pages. Pages can use transition effects such as shadow, fade in, fade out and many more are connected together. You can also create pages are very skillful. It works by adding buttons, images, text, links and many other things done.

Features AutoRun Pro Enterprise:
  • Print and display any registered document (TXT, DOC, HTML) via similar programs that automatically start
  • Print any document (such as TXT, DOC, HTML) via automatic start of the corresponding application
  • Integrated Web browser and internal commands.
  • Launch any application
  • send mail
  • Integrated Web browser and internal commands.
  • Slide show (Photo Gallery) with more than 100 different styles
  • Background sound
  • Create an executable file
  • Create Form Agreement
  • Request username and password or an Authentication Code
  • Publish project to new folder
  • Burn project to CD-R / CD-RW directly
  • Test without burning CD
  • Show information or confirm exit from leaving the app is already
  • Bitmap image format support, ICON, JPEG, EMF, WMF, GIF, PNG
  • Different page templates and objects
  • LCD screen and icons that can be displayed in the title bar
  • No need for programming knowledge
Pro Enterprise II

Zip File Password: Soft98.ir

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