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FileZilla + Server + Portable FTP management

FileZillaFileZilla  software to manage FTP upload and download files from it. This application allows you to easily connect to FTP your files to upload. A unique feature of the software allows you to upload multiple files simultaneously at high speed. The software is a free application and you are able to use it indefinitely. This powerful software is Windows 9x, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP compatible. By design it in such a way that the maximum speed and ensure a feature rich, easy to be. This guide will help you identify the capabilities of FileZilla.

Features FileZilla:
  • The ability to resume automatically send or receive files (Resume) if the server supports it
  • Custom orders
  • Staff and folders in it
  • Systems Keep Alive (maintain relevance)
  • Tracking and detection Timeout (temporary definitive link)
  • Firewall Support
  • SSL secure communications
  • Support for SFTP
  • In turn, the send and receive files (Queue)
  • Ability to Drag & Drop
  • Multilingual
  • You can download and upload files from FTP
  • Quick connect to FTP
  • Upload multiple file systems simultaneously
  • Free and unrestricted
  • High speed transfer of data and files

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