Sunday, July 23, 2017

DOWNLOAD WordWeb Pro v8.1 + Reference Bundle – Dictionary Synonym dictionary Direct link

Download WordWeb Pro v8.1 + Reference Bundle - Dictionary Synonym dictionary English Dictionary
English Dictionary
WordWeb Pro is a comprehensive English-language dictionary for Windows that only by choosing the word you want and clicking on it all the meanings, synonyms and words associated with that word plus spelling, pronunciation, useful examples, etc. You will show. WordWeb Pro can be used in almost all applications. This dictionary may be due to rich features and symbols such as linking the words and synonyms found for the word you want, so you can click on each page to translate it into its related page and its meanings and uses. Understanding vocabulary and terminology, for you, is much more useful and more useful than a dictionary book .
Key Features of WordWeb Pro:
– Available in most other applications including Microsoft Word
– Featuring various tabs in the main window for easier application
– Highlight more useful words
– Bookmark your particular words
– Find similar words and synonyms
– Display correct spelling and closest words in spelling mistakes
– Ability to edit software database and add to it
– Ability to copy the results found to the clipboard
– Configure to convert English to American, British, Canadian, Australian and English Asian
– Ability to customize to show offensive words
– Finding antonyms, combinations, special names and …
– A collection of more than 126,000 metadata and 158,000 roots of words
– Search over 260,000 words and combinations
– Has over 70000 common pronunciations
– Has more than 49000 useful examples
– And …
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