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DOWNLOAD WhatsApp v0.2.5093 for Windows x86 / x64 – WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Direct Link

Download WhatsApp v0.2.5093 for Windows x86 / x64 - WhatsApp Messenger for Windows
WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for smartphones and desktops built by WhatsApp. WhatsApp Messaging is a software system for Android smartphones, iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Mac and Windows operating systems. This messenger uses data communication and / or WLAN (Wi-Fi) to send messages. Watson’s manager announced in April 1395 that all messages and calls from this messenger are fully encrypted. WhatsApp and software like it today are a substitute for SMS or classic text messaging with the expansion of mobile Internet .In early 1395, WhatsApp announced that its number of subscribers exceeded one billion people.
Key Features of WhatsApp Software :
– Send unlimited text, image, movie and audio files all over the world
– Use the Internet to send information
– Fully universal and two-way encryption
– Reliable and high-speed communication
– Support for various platforms
– Being free of any advertisement
– Compatibility with the latest versions of Windows
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