Sunday, July 23, 2017

DOWNLOAD UnHackMe v9.0 Build 600 – Anti-Trojan hacking software Direct Link

Download UnHackMe v9.0 Build 600 - Anti-Trojan hacking software
Rootkits are software written to hackers to control your system.
Software UnHackMe powerful tool in detecting and removing the rootkit is. This app is a security software for your operating system. In fact, it can be said that rootkit will surrender with this software. Hackers with rootkits will fully control your system and do whatever they want. But with UnHackMe, you’ll find and kill rootkits and get rid of them forever. This software is not just for removing Rootkits and it also has the ability to eliminate Trojans and malware. When you install this software on your system, you first check the status of the system hacking or not, and if you are hacking the system by malicious software, you will clean it. With this software you can protect your computer from hackers forever.
Key Features of UnHackMe Software :
– Has specific tools for detecting hidden rootkits
– Check the status of the system hack
– Clearing the system from malicious files
– Prevent hackers from penetrating
– Having a monitor showing the status of the system
– Eliminate Rootkits and prevent them from entering
– Prevent slowness of the system and the Internet
– Search to find hidden Trojans
– A powerful wall against hackers and preventing system hacking
– And …
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