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DOWNLOAD Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition v2.21 – Repair damaged files software

Par2MultiChecker software that is used to identify files PAR2, SFV, MD5 and a group of files PAR2. The program can also extract (extract) RAR files and identify files and multicast or Mac to connect to them. Par2MultiChecker has a simple and convenient interface. The files you want to identify and repair can be easily added to the program by dragging and dropping the file in the software environment or selecting it from the address of the existing folder. Par2MultiChecker has the ability to review and repair
Provides files damaged and missed in a short and easy time.There is also a possibility to pause and skip all operations.
Key features of the software Par2MultiChecker:
– Identify and repair damaged, lost, and partitioned files
– Extra strong zip and rar files
– Rename zip and rar files
– Review the PAR2 \ SFV \ MD5 files in each of the lists
– Review folders for PAR2 \ SFV \ MD5 files
– Search for files on most popular search engines
– Merge files to restore incomplete files
– Pausing or continuing all operations
– Avoid adding duplicate files to the file list and ignoring extracted files, checked and repaired (Repair)
– The Mac deleted files from damaged, segmented and archives zip / RAR
– Drag and drop PAR2 \ SFV \ MD5 files
– Link to PAR2 \ SFV \ MD5 files
Par2MultiChecker is a program that let you verify PAR2, SFV, MD5 files also Repair PAR2 files in batch mode. It can also extract RAR archives and join split-ted files after verifying it.
Par2MultiChecker Ultimate Edition displays a user-friendly GUI that is divided into a side toolbar and two adjacent areas where you can view the loaded files and their analysis results.

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