Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Download liquivid Video Improve v1.7.1 MacOSX Full version

liquivid Video Improve v1.7.1 MacOSX – Software For Mac Download free ,improve the quality of videos and photos 

liquivid Video Improve software professionals to enhance the quality of videos and images you. Even professionals have difficulty in producing a truly perfect movie, and perhaps one of the reasons for their collections of applications such as video boards liquivid Video Improve benefit is the same. Of course, this software can not compete with his elder brother in the field of video editing, but can be used in areas such as optimization, reducing camera shake and convert your videos to a Mac a lot to do.
Download liquivid Video Improve v1.7.1 MacOSX - Software improve the quality of videos and photos to Mac
A key feature of the software liquivid Video Improve:
– stabilize shaky images taken by hand
– delete recordings on the effect of camera shake
– Optimization of tracking objects (airplanes, birds, etc.)
– compensate for the vibration caused by Enlarge
– Modify images of moving objects
– to compensate for geometric distortion caused in moving objects
– automatic identification of objects to delete only parts of the
– Reset tonality, transparency and optimizes the contrast
– fully automatic systems for control and saturation, white balance and correct light and dark film of
– Remove fog and the effects of adverse weather and color
– Manual adjustment of optimization as needed
– Set to delete unwanted images by dragging the corners of the film, Pan scan mode
– Cut video files and preview videos
– And …
But what distinguishes liquivid Video Improve than other similar software What?
liquivid Video Improve knows how hard that is digital recording. This application failures and errors memory chips in digital movies and Super-8 and VHS familiar with the latest technologies to optimize their software deals.The Mac this is the movie you are too dark, too bright, too vague, too faint or too colorful, and above all the use of this software in any way is not difficult; you will not confuse with their complex settings. An image in the embedded software that automatically assumes everything.
According to this feature, the software to reconstruct the original image recording mode and objects in the best way possible by removing redundant objects in the reproduced images.
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