Sunday, July 23, 2017

DOWNLOAD Green Screen Wizard Professional v9.5 – Green Curtain replacement software Direct Link

Download Green Screen Wizard Professional v9.5 - Green Curtain replacement software with custom image and photo editing
With custom image and photo editing
One of the techniques of photography / filming is the technique of using the green screen, so that objects or persons are taken in opposite faces, usually green or blue (because this color has the most contrasting color with skin color Human), and after the shooting / filming (in the editing stage) instead of the green background, the image / video piece is inserted into them and the original image is then merged into it.
The Green Screen Wizard Pro is an image editor for photos taken with the Green Photography Screening Technique, so for the integration of background images and foreground, the editor does not have to use complex software such as Photoshop, and in a simple environment. Kara, to finish your project. In addition to manually removing chroma-wifi backgrounds (for example green) and merging images, it features features such as brush editor, layer-by-layer editing, effects, overlaying images, shadowing, group photo editing and Also, set photo printing options.
Key Features of the Green Screen Wizard:
– Automatic removal of Chrome waves (e.g. Green)
– No need to experience editing images
Brush Editor
– Working with layered images
– Effects
– shading
– Group photo editing
– Set photo printing options
– And …
Green Screen Wizard Professional Screenshot 1 Green Screen Wizard Professional Screenshot 2 Green Screen Wizard Professional Screenshot 3

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